Who Doesn’t Enjoy an Ice Cream – Especially a 99?

Finally, after many months of closures, etc., we are moving ahead with big changes at Kilcroney Furniture. In order to make room, Anny has decided to hold a once-in-a-lifetime “Kilcroney Furniture, Clearance Sale” on many items that have been discontinued or the factories have closed.

So all prices are nearly less than half price and some items are just unbelievable at €10.99 €19.99 even 99c.  There are coffee tables at €20 and even a kitchen table at €9.99!!

We have a children’s single bed and storage space for €199 reduced from a total price of €1999

Every item in the ‘Ice Cream Sale’ will have an Ice Cream price card on it and the first 100 customers to purchase will get a free 99 ice cream from our visiting ice cream van.

If you don’t see something in the sale you can always buy a 99 ice cream on the way out. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get yourself a fabulous piece for an amazing price.