Anny Verwijs, founder and proprietor of Kilcroney Furniture has been running this business for more than 30 years.

Anny, originally from Zeeland in Holland, came to Ireland in the early 1960s with her husband. Anny recalls, “It was quite a big thing in those days to pack up and move to Ireland“.

The Verwijs family who were in the shellfish business, eventually moved into the chicken farming business in Kilcroney, Co. Wicklow where the family settled, establishing a successful business supplying the grocery trade.

A few years later, Anny decided to go into the furniture business and opened her first showroom. This was the early 80s and Kilcroney Furniture quickly gained a reputation for quality furniture with excellent service.  Anny comments, “My business had the reputation of being run from a chicken shed … in a funny way, that’s what actually caught people’s imagination at the time. I built a reputation for having unusual and quirky pieces and people still come from all over Ireland to buy from us.”

Since then the business has developed to become one of the leading suppliers of fine furniture in Ireland. This treasure trove of design offers alternatives and choice for even the most discerning homemaker. Whether it’s a dining table, a suite of furniture for living room or conservatory, a hall table, coffee table, beds for the children, or that special something to fit the corner of a room.

There’s a huge variety of stock carefully selected manufacturers in France, the Netherlands and Italy. The furniture is an eclectic mix of stylish ranges, using different woods such as cherry, oak, elm and maple and pieces that could conceivably be appreciated on the backdrop of any Irish home. The gift section will delight you with an array of unique items for all price ranges.

The showrooms are spacious, the service at Kilcroney is relaxed –there is a genuine interest in the customer and a culture of traditional honesty.

As Anny says “I’d rather have no sale than a wrong sale.”