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Mixtape Collection

This is one of the most innovative collections from Egoitaliano with both function and appearance making the Mixtape a must have. The sofas are fitted with electric relax functions on the seats and manual on the backrests. However, if needed, Mixtape has the added option to become a comfortable bed for any unexpected guests. The divan section has storage space which is a big plus in any household.

The Mixtape comes in many different combinations including a corner unit to ensure that you can maximise your living space. The box to the right shows some of the standard sizes so please contact us for further information so that we can help you make the right choice.

Prices are for Microfibre and other prices including leathers will vary from this starter price depending on choice. Please allow 10-12 weeks from time of ordering until delivery.

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3 Seater Maxi216W x 75H x 110Dcm€2840
3 Seater196W x 75H x 110Dcm€2,541
2 Seater Maxi176W x 75H x 110Dcm€2,285
2 Seater156W x 75H x 110Dcm€1951
ArmchairC93W x 75H x 110Dcm€1,159

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