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Lodge Collection

Another inventive and practical bedroom collection from Gautier France. Lodge is finished in a very soft oak colour which gives a calm and relaxing feel to any child’s or teenager’s bedroom. There are 3 different bed sizes with an optional under drawer for extra storage. An unique Bedside Shelf Unit adds another dimension to the overall look of the bed. 

The High Bed has a ladder, worktop and a partition which allows you to add storage cabinets or a folding chair which can double as a guest bed for sleepovers.

There is a Desk, Wardrobe, Bookcase and Cube Units which can have storage drawers or doors fitted. This gives a tidy look to your room as well as displaying your treasured belongings in the open cubes.

(Please note High Beds are not recommended for children under 6 years of age).

Prices start at €575 for a single bed.  Please contact us for prices and availability.

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Bed104W x 92H x 203L cmPOA
Mattress90W x 190L cmPOA
Bed134W x 92H x 203L cmPOA
Mattress120W x 190L cmPOA
Bed154W x 92H x 203L cmPOA
Optional Drawer189W x 24H x 95L cmPOA
Bedside Shelf Unit33W x 92H x 40L cmPOA
High Bed208W x 182H x 152D cmPOA
Desk136W x 76H x 56L cmPOA
Bedside Locker50W x 42H x 41D cmPOA
Single Cube75W x 71H x 42D cmPOA
Double Cube75W x 139H x 42D cmPOA
Triple Cube75W x 207H x 42D cmPOA
Bookcase40W x 173H x 42D cmPOA
Wardrobe150W x 207H x 60D cmPOA

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