image of Gautier Kids and Teen Bedroom ideas

The Golden Rules for kids’ bedroom design is based on 3 core tenets…

  1. Plan for a few years ahead.
  2. Plan to allow for kids activities.
  3. Create as much space as possible.

First of all let’s think about the main activities that go on in bedrooms and how they should determine the overall design which are  sleeping, dressing, playing and studying.


Study areas are most successful if they focus the mind by filtering out distractions.  A desk is great up against a wall (or room divider) so that there’s somewhere for shelves and maybe a pin board.  If you can create a study alcove so that the desk has a kind of sheltered feeling with its own light source that would be a great place to study.


Now depending on the age of the child playing can mean very different things.  Getting older it might mean Lego or Miss World. Then at the tween and teen stage there might be hobbies to accommodate.  Whatever the age there’s often other children involved be it play dates or more like a social club!


Obviously to dress you need a wardrobe or closet and the space to dress.  Make sure there’s privacy from the outside for getting dressed.  If you have young children you may want to consider custom window treatments for added privacy.


When children get into bed they want to feel safe and cozy.

A headboard goes a long way to promoting these feelings. If the bed is against a wall it can be fun if the headboard goes round the side and along the length of the bed. This is also a bonus if your child ever wants to read or study while sitting on the bed, or have friends into their bedroom as the bed effecitvely doubles as a sofa.