How to Choose a Sofa – By Kilcroney Furniture

A Sofa is the most important piece in a living room. So when it comes to choosing one, make sure you choose it right!
Here are few tips of how to make this important decision:

1- Always choose a Sofa long enough for a nap if you have the space for it;

2- Pick a Sofa with a good depth so you can sit back and relax;

3- If you have the time & crafty skills, cut a template from paper on the real size and shape of the Sofa you want and place it into your living room. This will give you a very accurate idea of how your room will feel like with the new purchase;

4- Let the Sofa match the colours used on the walls & curtains;

5- Think about maintenance & cleaning. Consider your Family routine & who uses the Sofa most in the house;

6- Consider the height of the room and follow the rule: low ceilings/lower sofas, high ceiling/higher sofas;

7- Always place good quality cushions on top of your sofa. This will add that extra luxurious/comfy feeling in the room;

8- Have a matching quilt handy during winter time;

9- Follow the shape of the room in order to determine which shape of sofa will suit the room best;

10- Don’t forget to sit down and enjoy your new sofa!