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Francine Collection

The Francine adds glamour to any room and with its easy lines and buttoned seats it looks well in all sizes. The sofa bed effortlessly transforms into a very comfortable bed. It is the perfect solution for the unexpected guest or to maximise the space in small apartments or living rooms. In this collection with its tilting headrests, you may add height to your seating position by just raising the headrest to what best suits the individual. It comes in various sizes including a very practical armchair which converts to a neat single bed with outside measurements of 90 x 201cm.

Please contact us if you need the measurements when the sofa bed is extended.

All prices are for a Microfibre fabric and other prices including leathers will vary from this starter price depending on choice. Please allow 10-12 weeks from time of ordering until delivery.

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Product Dimension Price
3 Seater Maxi 233W x 80H x 106Dcm €2,181
3 Seater 213W x 80H x 106Dcm €1,936
2 Seater Maxi 193W x 80H x 106Dcm €1,713
2 Seater 170W x 80H x 106Dcm €1,709
Armchair 110W x 80H x 106Dcm €1,007
Sofabed 3 Seater 233W x 80H c 106Dcm €3,275
Sofabed 2 Seater 193W x 80H x 106Dcm €2,734

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