Project Description

Smart Collection

This new range of DINING tables available with a light or dark mineral finish is available in three sizes, from S for small spaces right up to XL for seating up to 16 guests. The extremely understated design of this range means you can create a look and feel that blends in perfectly with your space. Designer Jean-Marie of Gautier explains that this new range of non-extending tables is designed to suit any space. With a surprisingly understated yet reassuringly practical design this new range of fixed top tables is designed to suit any space.

Finishes: Dark Mineral & Light Mineral. Sizes:  Small 120X80cm (4/6 Guests), Large 240x100cm (8/10 Guests) or Extra Large 360x120cm (14/16 Guests)

Rectangular Table SMART S/M/L/XL

 Clear Mineral or Dark Mineral

SMART S : 120 L x 76 H x 80 D – Can seat 4/6 persons – € 645

SMART M : 180 L x 75 H x 100 D – Can seat 6/8 persons – € 1295

SMART L : 240 L x 76 H x 100 D – Can seat 8/10 persons – € 1450

SMART XL : 360 L x 76 H x 120 D – Can seat 14/16 persons – € 1990