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7 12, 2017

Stock Clearance Event Starts December 8th 2017

Our Special Stock Clearance Event starts tomorrow December 8th!  Doors open at 10am We have dining chairs from a little as €20 and great lamp and side tables from €50. If you click into the gallery here you’ll get details of some of our favourite pieces at unbelievably low prices.  This De Wulf coffee table [...]

18 09, 2016

How To Make Your Home Look Like You Hired An Interior Designer

How To Make Your Home Look Like You Hired An Interior Designer Here’s a great article for all you novice ‘wannabe Interior Designers.’ Not everyone can afford to hire an interior designer to come into their home, guiding all their design decisions. Some of us actually want to be the one who makes our own [...]

10 06, 2016

How to Choose the Right Dining Table

How to Choose the Right Dining Table  - round, rectangle, or square? How big and how to find a dining table that works for your space. A great piece by Shoshana Gosselin, an Interior Decorator in PA, stitching urban roots into suburban spaces from NY to Philly. Living her dream helping people achieve inspirational spaces. ( There are [...]

26 05, 2016

Kids’ Bedroom Design

The Golden Rules for kids' bedroom design is based on 3 core tenets... Plan for a few years ahead. Plan to allow for kids activities. Create as much space as possible. First of all let's think about the main activities that go on in bedrooms and how they should determine the overall design which are  sleeping, [...]

4 05, 2016

10 Rules for Arranging Furniture

10 Rules for Arranging Furniture Common Sense Tips for Arranging Furniture in Your Living Room Arranging furniture can be a daunting task. When you're faced with an empty room knowing how to fill it can seem overwhelming. But all you need to do is follow these common sense rules and you'll find that arranging furniture [...]

26 04, 2016

How Furniture Can Benefit Your Overall Being

Your home is supposed to be your solace from the stresses of the outside world. That’s why it’s imperative that you set your living area up exactly as you want it. It contributes to a healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically. By selecting the right furniture, you can relax at home and leave the outside world at the [...]

20 04, 2016

How To Design And Lay Out A Small Living Room

All spaces present design challenges, but as the living room is where you probably spend the most time (and certainly the one guests experience the most of), designing a small one can be especially tricky. How do you strike a balance between making the room feel as spacious as possible while also squeezing in extra [...]

5 04, 2016

7 Most Important Interior Design Principles

“Interior design is the process of shaping the experience of interior space, through the manipulation of spatial volume as well as surface treatment. Not to be confused with interior decoration, interior design draws on aspects of environmental psychology, architecture, and product design in addition to traditional decoration. An interior designer is a person who is [...]

23 11, 2015

Home Décor Style – Part II

- By Kilcroney Furniture Here is the second part of our article about the most popular interior design styles! You should use this list to gain a basic understanding of common interior design styles and what is involved in each of them, as well as how they differ and how to create them. Minimalist Style [...]

5 11, 2015

What is your Home Décor Style? – Part I

- By Kilcroney Furniture At the start of any interior design project, we often wonder what style we should choose - what style do I like? what style will look good in that space? what style will I feel comfortable with? Whether you're decorating a living room or a whole house, a cottage or a [...]